10 janeiro 2013

(USA) As 5 competições "top" de roteiros para 2012 e 2013


Esta lista de competições de roteiros é para os roteiristas que querem entrar no mercado do cinema de Hollywood, mas que não fazem mais de $5,000 com sua escrita.
Para ser premiado, o roteiro inscrito não pode ter sido cedido ou vendido.
Para os melhores prêmios, fazer os melhores contatos e participar dos concursos mais profissionais, Screenwriting for Hollywood recomenda as competições de roteiro abaixo:

Up to 5 people will each win $35,000 fellowships from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the folks who do the Academy Awards and give out the Oscars. This is the cream of the crop of screenwriting competitions.
Deadline: May 1 ~ Fee

2. Samual Goldwyn Writing Awards UCLA

For students of the University of California only. This is an exceptional opportunity. First place wins $15,000. Second place wins $7,500. Other prizes as well. Great recognition.
Deadline: June 1 ~ No Fee

3. Austin Film Festival

Drama and comedy feature screenplays win $5,000 each. Other prizes available for other categories of scripts.
Early Deadline: May 15 ~ Fee: $40
Final Deadline: June 1 ~ Fee: $50

4. Zoetrope Screenplay Contest

Francis Ford Coppola’s motion picture production company Zoetrope offers $5,000 to the grand prize winner of its Screenplay Contest, plus excellent Hollywood industry exposure and opportunity.
Early Deadline: August 1 ~ Fee: $35
Final Deadline: September 6 ~ Fee: $50

5. Nantucket Film Festival

Showtime’s Tony Cox Award for Screenwriting receives $5,000 plus a month long, all-expenses-paid retreat on the island of Nantucket with intensive one-on-one feedback sessions.
Deadline: March ~ Fee

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